Direct & In The Body.

My background and coaching method.


We need something different.
In order to feel what’s going on, talk through it and release we need to be ACTIVE. SOMATIC. IN THE BODY.

So in our sessions, we move, jump, play, walk outside, scribble… whatever it takes to dive deep.

I love seeing people reclaim their sexual intelligence and presence, leading towards relationships with pleasure.

The journey of feeling more is different for each of my clients.

We may travel through anger, shame, trauma, physical disease and body numbness.

Side effects include; greater awareness, enjoying your day, smiling more, calmness, great relationships and increased energy levels.

All our work is carried forward by developing daily practices that fuel your day and develop your most important skills.


Related experience and skills.

  • Relationship; Long-term relationship experience, married and partnered for over 16 years
  • Family Life; I have a small family, balancing work and being a @home dad
  • Business; I have run my own businesses since leaving high school in 1997
  • Polarity and Intimacy; Trained as a teacher & facilitator (Level 1 & 2) with Michaela Boehm and Steve James
  • Coaching Expertise; Master Coaching at The Coaching Institute
  • Men’s Work; Facilitated men’s work with The Mankind Project (including Level 2 Staff Training)
  • Strategic Thinking; 15 years of digital marketing strategic consulting
  • Sexuality Practices; Over 1000 hours of professional workshops and education in this field
  • Movement Practices; Yoga, qi gong, dance, animal mimicry and strength building
  • Meditation Practices; Tibetan Buddhism exposure, Vipassana training and meditation practice
  • Touch and Massage; Massage experience and several practitioner level courses including Thai Massage
  • Design Skills; graduated from Monash with a Bachelor in Multimedia specialising in design
  • Teaching Skills; Diploma of Education and experience in secondary schools
  • Interior Design; Coming from a family of interior designers I can create spaces that transform your experience

My life experience has allowed me to balance the responsibilities and joy of a family whilst fulfilling my wild self.

It was a great experience. It twisted and contorted me into a new shape physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually. Some big learnings there and new concepts that I was awakened to that I never would have never discovered without your guidance – thanks for that. A new dimension has opened up.

You provide a calming presence that makes me feel comfortable and safe about potentially confronting topics. You were very organised and sessions are well thought out. I could tell you had taken copious notes and I appreciated that you had obviously reviewed them in advance of each session rather than doing it on the fly. You obviously have great insight and experience in a very unique niche.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to friends and colleagues because you can so skillfully help humans step into a space in their lives that is usually as scary as all get-out for them. I recognise that you realise the importance of this work on all areas of life: financially, emotionally, sexually, physically and that’s an important message that everyone needs to understand. I’ve learned some extraordinary things that simply wouldn’t be available to me without your insights and guidance (that breakthrough on the ***** issue was the furthest and deepest response anyone has got from me!)

Thanks, I’m truly indebted to you for your help.

Client after his 3rd session.

IT Consultant

Qualifications & certifications.

  • Diploma of Education (Monash University)
  • Bachelor of Multimedia – Design & Business (Monash University)
  • The Coaching Institute – Master Coaching Program
  • Polarity and Embodiment Teacher Training Level 1 & 2 – Michaela Boehm
  • Meta Dynamics (NLP) – Levels I and II
  • Mankind Australia – Staff Training & Facilitation Training – Levels 1 & 2
  • Phoenix Institute – Workshop Facilitation Program
  • Thai Massage Australia – Level 1 Practitioner Training (Yoga Trinity)

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Alex White

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Melbourne. Australia

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