I’ve been doing an experiment. And it’s working!


To teach the practical, technical as well as the emotional aspects of being circumcised and how to upgrade your experience.

This will be a 21 Day Experiment for Men and their partners… it is in development.

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  • Evolution has done a pretty good job thus far, don’t you think?!
  • There are approximately 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin alone, protecting 100,000’s of nerves below
  • The foreskin is comprised of various sections that have various functions, it’s not just a flap of skin like on the elbow.
  • The foreskin on a grown man is about 10-12 square inches of skin/membrane
  • A dry, unsheathed cock suffers from Keratinization, a hardening of the skin
  • Wet skin makes for a more sensitive and sensual experience of sex
  • The foreskin cups sexual fluids during sex creating a more friction-free environment
  • Sex is important, from an evolutionary and relationship standpoint
  • This is nearly always an elective surgical procedure, not a ritual, right of passage or “treatment”


  • Loss of feeling and sensitivity equates to a loss of connection with yourself and partner(s)
  • Increased friction leads to discomfort or pain in the women’s vagina and friction to the penis
  • Premature ejaculation or inability to get hard easily are common side effects
  • Pleasure is healing and allows the parasympathetic system to relax and repair, therefore restricting pleasure is unHEALthy
  • Experiencing pleasure is a universal birth right, in fact you feel pleasure in utero (in the womb).
  • It is irreversible surgery
  • It is not the choice of the human being changed, therefore an abuse of human rights under rights of the child and “physical integrity”

The bullshit

  • The religious context of cleanliness is long gone, we have daily showers now… evolve already!
  • It’s better looking… yeah, I quite like the look of mine, but that is partially cultural norming and media brainwashing.
  • That this is a “normal” procedure… it is not. It is part of our bodies that is surgically removed without choice
  • It doesn’t hurt… the trauma is evident when you watch a video of the procedure and often leads to disconnection with mothers and the world around them for some time, evidenced in a decrease in breast feeding and trust.
  • That we’ll forget the pain, we’re too young to remember. Take a look, it scars the skin and this informs brain pathways… you don’t forget it, you just don’t remember it. The trauma sustained creates long term affects, however much it has been pushed into the subconscious.

The origins

  • Egyptians
  • Jewish tradition
  • Dr Kelloggs brought it into American culture (he also tried to make Female Circumcision popular… ) and CornFlakes were a way to keep breakfast (And people) bland and sedated.
  • If you’re cut and want to see what likely happened to you, there is this video. Be emotionally prepared before watching.
  • Plenty more info to follow… but enough WHYS… and onto the HOWS.

The solutions

  • STOP doing it to others, NO HARMING other men and remove it from our medical offering
  • RESTORE it, basically stretch it back over many months (9-16) and make fresh new skin in the process, then create a new protective shell, it does not replace the same sense receptors and function of the natural foreskin
  • SOFTEN it, get it wet and resensitise it by protecting and moisturising the head
  • PROTECT it, cover the head to prevent further hardening of the tissue by exposure to air and rubbing on clothing

And this is where I will get detailed about my experiment.



IF I maintain a clean, moisture rich environment for my glans over a 2 week period
THEN I will soften the skin and regain an amount of sensitivity, enough to feel the difference.
I can then protect this skin and continue to test the difference.



  • Mix up a batch of moisturiser or buy commercially available
  • Organic ingredients, as in it needs to be good enough to eat!
  • Coconut butter (organic, cold pressed) is a good place to start but possibly too liquid
  • A thick lotion of Vitamin E, Magnesium, Cocao butter, Shea Nut, Jojoba, Rose Hip is what I used
  • Rose hip alone is also a good choice


  • Generally moisturise the head
  • Using a good quality condom (like Zero or Skyn, as others will decay)
  • Place a good teaspoon of lotion in the tip of the condom
  • Slip on condom
  • Wear during the day, adjust as necessary
  • Throw away at night (warning, you can try at night but cut the hoop to prevent strangulation!)
  • Observe changes and protect from rubbing or harsh scratching


  • After 2 weeks, I had a visibly softer glans
  • In jeans or pants, walking around without underpants, the head would feel irritable and itchy on the glans (not like it did before where it couldn’t even feel the fabric friction)
  • Sensitivity increased when touched
  • Slightly difficult to maintain position of condom during the day, especially toilet trips
  • Coconut liquid was probably to “wet” and cause skin to get too soft, lotion was better
  • No harm caused, lots to gain!

UPDATE – 4 Weeks+

4 weeks of softening is working, well.

This arrived, http://manhood.mb.ca/ to cover up during the day without moisturiser as after some time heavy moisture is not required and skin gets too moist (like being in a spa too long).

And after a short trial of the Manhood it is a great addition with good ease of use and feeling. Also tried SenSlip which was difficult to put on and therefore I didn’t keep it as a habit, too complicated.


Certainly works. Wearing Manhood daily.

Sensitivity has increased DRAMATICALLY. Highly recommend. I’ll basically be wearing a Manhood forever.

I no longer wear underwear, which feels great and far more natural for my balls.


Still wearing my hood daily, if I don’t wear it and I am wearing pants the head/glans are irritated/sensitive to the point of distraction. I imagine this would be similar to having a foreskin, being flaccid and someone pulling down the foreskin and rubbing cotton fabric over the whole head…

There are other things going on too. I am more sensitive to my feelings, feelings of others and I am changing how I look at the world… now this could be for a range of awesome reasons, however one things I know is that I feel more connected to my cock and regard it as part of me, as opposed to me and “my dick” being separate.

My simple, final thoughts… this simple, non-surgical method allows you to feel more. Feel more of everything. That’s what I coach and teach all the men I encounter, no matter cut/uncut, we all need to learn to feel more.


To teach the practical, technical as well as the emotional aspects of being circumcised and how to upgrade your experience.

This will be a 21 Day Experiment for Men and their partners.

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