This is for Men… who give a fuck.

The Men, who are first to break out of the cage.

This is for the Men who seek to know themselves. Who care.

Who look in the mirror and eat their shame.

Who roar in the shadows and talk to death as a friend.

Men that have lifted the curtain, looked at their past and are free.

The Men, who give up the bottle, rest when they need to and have sex like it is communing with nature.

Independent Men.

The Men who are no longer boys in the bedroom and know what they want to offer.

Who no longer drown their sorrows or hide underneath addiction.

Who know the joy of an authentic smile and inspire others to feel theirs.

For the men who speak up, whether it be in the supermarket or in a counseling session.

The Men who wear clothes that communicate their feelings without shrinking.

The men who know they are worthy… Worthy of feeling pleasure beyond their understanding.

Men who dance their own sexy dance, because it feels gooooood. Playful, awesome and fun!

Men who pay attention and appreciate the beauty around and within them.

Who are emotionally centred and act from that place.

Who jump back on their path, seconds after being thrown off it.

The men, who confront their greatest fears and ask for what they deserve.

Who process their emotions, in the moment, rather than dragging anger and sadness to the grave.

The men that are not afraid to smile at each other in the street.

The men who hug, who really hug… long enough to take a relaxed breath.

Those that can say sorry, and mean it.

Men who hold… into the dawn, and can be held at day’s end.

That can hold their words, until they are timely, true and kind.

Men that hold others accountable, whilst simultaneously looking within.

Men that hold their sexual juice, until they are ready to pour. It. forth.

The Men who let go of always “being a financial success” just because they have a penis.

In fact, they surrender to always being “confident”… and can rest within themselves.

Men who can say “I don’t know” and “You’re right”… and realise they can’t fix everything. f

They scream, yell and go wild once in a while… and not just at the football.

Those that are not bound by pleasing others and know to follow the fire in their heart.

Men that don’t follow tradition, just because it’s been around for the last 1000 years or so. They are bigger than that.

Men who are abused for being themselves and keep on going anyway.

For the dads, gently cradling their child to sleep whilst ensuring they have the strength to protect them in an ever changing and fear mongering world.

Men that teach others from a place of humility.

For the men who are comfortable with being different whilst feeling like an anomaly in the system.

Those that brave the wilderness, laugh in the darkness and know that they are on the right path.

Men who can be trusted. They’ve removed the layers of masks, and are trusted in their realness.

Men that give AND take time… in balanced amounts.

Men that challenge each other to be bigger than they know.

Me that know that as they expand, their time expands with them.

Those that are unashamedly ferocious, with power and focus…whilst tender with vulnerability and openness.

Men who pick up rubbish, without looking for reward or praise. Simply doing what is good.

For men who value the art of conversation more than the addiction “social” media.

For men who love openly, without comforming to Hollywood fairy tales or outdated marriage contracts.

Men so tuned in and sensitive that you can feel them from the other side of the street.

These are the Men that I want around me.

These are the Men that are making healthy decisions in the world.

Men embracing the joy of pleasure, along with the medicine of pain.

This is The Man Lab.

We’re redefining pleasure. We’re taking it back.

We’re having the challenging conversations.

I believe in pleasure and its potential to provide power and energy for your life.