When you meditate, you practice the art of mindfulness, which allows you to choose which thoughts you want to focus on.

It allows you to choose how you respond to your feelings instead of blindly reacting to them.


  • Emotional Intelligence – experience less reactivity, anger, sadness and anxiety
  • Focus – increase your focus and creativity, improve your ability to remove obstacles and distractions
  • Flow – more easily enter states of flow where you are able to enjoy and process the tasks at hand with effectiveness and creativity
  • Feel – be able to connect more with your body, feel pleasure and heal yourself
  • Compassion – be more calm, more compassionate and more joyful
  • Intuition – be more perceptive and know what to do in any situation based on the wisdom of your BALANCED body and mind


Breath is the most available and easy hack there is.
Step one and a major choice is nose or mouth breathing.
Nasal breathing promotes parasympathetic responses in the body, due to gases that are released in the nasal passages entering the lungs.

This diagram gives a good overview of the bodies parasympathetic responses, mostly desired in meditation. Mouth breathing is more associated with techniques that promote alert energy in the body.

PowerPoint Presentation


Different ways of meditating include mantras, watching breath, mindfulness, positive self-talk, and controlled breathing exercises.

MORE TO COME, but here is a list of possible methods and hacks:

  • Meditating on Death
  • Stop eating sugar and white food
  • Live Heart rate variability monitoring
  • Breathing exercises
  • Live EEG feedback
  • Getting upside down
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Sounds
  • Bells
  • Spikes
  • Cold showers
  • Food / No Food
  • No lights
  • Red light
  • Exercises
  • Mirrors
  • Postures
  • Temperature
  • Smell
  • Words / Mantras