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Workshops by Alex White

I run workshops exploring human connection, touch, polarity, intimacy and attraction.

I focus on building skills of boundary building, loving touch and communicating from the heart.

  • The Human Forest – Communicating touch from the heart
  • The Dark Forest – Sensual touch exploring movement and higher intensity play
  • Spark of Attraction – Exploring the field of intimacy, heart, polarity and play
  • Pleasure.School – Sexual intelligence education for parents and teachers


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A Touch of Intimacy


“The Human Forest”

How would you like to be touched?

The Human Forest is an experience of connection, compassion, intimacy and sensual touch.

It is held within a secure container with people wanting to relax and be rejuvenated with pleasure.

We move, dance and play before moving into the roles of giving and receiving. To end we share and rest to integrate the evening.


  • We crave connection, rarely do we take time to create it.
  • We can increase our capacity to feel pleasure, feeling more of what is already there.
  • There is no need to push towards a peak experience or force sensation into the body.
  • You can learn to touch without hesitation, offering only what is needed.
  • You can feel enlivened by practising the arts of intimacy.

We explore practices that you can apply to your daily lives and intimate relationships immediately.

  • Learn to relax and feel in the face of another human
  • Create connection by practically feeling into our hearts
  • Receive live feedback to learn how to be more available and open
  • Experiment with new languages of touch
  • Learn to offer sensual touch without hesitation
  • Become clear on the roles of giving, receiving and being present to another human

This experience welcomes all humans. Men, women, singles and couples. You will be relating with many individuals of all genders for the sake of practice.

The Human Forest creates two groups that give and receive touch over 2 session, each being approx. 50 minutes. We commonly form mixed-gender groups in this “Heart” version. Please be aware that I can not ensure even gendered practices, we work with the people in the room.

There is no genital touch and we demonstrate physical boundaries and styles of touch in detail during the evening including clear, non-verbal signals to cease all touch.

I am dedicated to creating spaces for people to explore pleasure and connection. This is not a place to explore power over others.

This is a space to experience your heart and the heart of others through loving touch.


Alex is driven to create spaces of love and connection. He is a trained coach, long-term partner, super dad and nature lover. A former digital strategist and art teacher, he holds a variety of skills that combine to offer uniquely intimate experiences. With skills in massage, movement and coaching he enjoys 1:1 and group facilitation focussed on “in the body” results and enjoys guiding people towards deeper relationships with pleasure and thriving sexual partnerships.

I have been involved in Australian tantra, touch and movement circles for 5+ years and am trained in facilitation, consent practices, intimacy and attraction principles and guiding positive, healthy and clean group experiences.

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Alex White

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Melbourne. Australia

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