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Wanting a relationship with pleasure?

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A coach is like a clean mirror, great listener and kick arse friend with nothing to lose. We observe your patterns of behaviour, see what’s working/what’s not and offer you experienced reflections.



Perhaps you’re facing the crisis of a relationship breakdown. Maybe you realised you want to be a more loving partner. Maybe you have too many choices, and want to find out what you really want out of life. You’ve achieved everything in business but come home to nothing?
We’re in this together. Let’s talk.



Your life will feel more connected, integrated and relaxed. Physical tension and mental stress will no longer be the main dynamic of your life, you can play the whole spectrum of being a human. You will share this new identity with your partner with confidence, skills, and guided practices.



This is the rapid path to self knowing, moving towards a pleasure full life. Learn to make friends with your past and create awesome progress into the future. All from a solid awareness of the present. You’ll be practicing daily.

I’m your coach.

Alex White. My approach is to provide you with a space of permission, confidentiality, authenticity and presence.



I have been travelling the world to gain experience, training and wisdom from experts and teachers to provide leading transformational methods and modern content. Find out more.


How to Create a Men’s Circle

Running a Men's Circle. Why? It's a unique opportunity to really talk about what's important It's challenging, and I like that You get to understand you as a Man amongst men You'll figure out that you're not completely crazy... A Basic Process Circle up around a fire...

Meditation Practice

Pause. Place your left hand on your heart. Let go, listen & feel. The greatest meditation, is the one you are doing now. Quality over quantity. After completing years of daily meditation, experienced silent meditation retreats and studied under master teachers I...

Morning Rituals & Daily Practice

Below is my daily ritual and other ideas... I have been developing these over a few years and would love to hear what you do as daily rituals, what works and what doesn't.   Why do we need ritual? Daily ritual is a way to ground yourself, check-in and remind...

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